Tuesday, April 15, 2014


Other Protocols Combined with GTFC

The vast majority of cancer clinics toss out chemotherapy as the one and only form of treatment coupled with radiation. Our group has furthered the protocols to include treatment to boost the body's natural defenses, so the GTFC is more effective. These protocols include a host of integrative, specialized treatment steps developed by our team to enhance patient healing. In our clinical experience, helping slow down these epigenetic environmental factors are what truly impact cancer mutations, growth and spread. Those therapies involve:
  • Immunotherapy – State of the art forms of immunotherapy to rebuild a patient's immune system. After all, the immune system is the first and last defense against any disease. By strengthening these defense systems, it makes it easier for treatments such as chemotherapy to be effective, in our experience. This is especially important when patients have infections and chemical toxins at the root of their cancer. Immunotherapy can function independent of genetic changes. Read more about immunotherapy here.
  • Nutrition therapy – Modern food is pumped full of preservatives, toxins, GMOs and other horrible things that can severely impact one's health and in some cases, may even lead to cancer. An important alternative is organic and healthy foods that are immune-supportive. However, cancer patients have numerous deficiencies caused by the cancer itself, not to mention the chemotherapy and/or radiation. Intravenous nutrition, guided by detailed testing, is vital for energy and recovery. Read more about nutrition therapy and proper dieting here.
  • Chronic inflammation therapy – Chronic inflammation has been well-recognized as a cause of cancers for a long time. However, agents that cause chronic inflammation not only cause cancers, but also impact its growth, signaling and spread.
  • Oxidative Medicine – Nobel Prize winner Dr. Otto Warburg famously hypothesized "…the prime cause of cancer is the replacement of the respiration of oxygen in normal body cells by a fermentation of sugar," meaning, cancer is caused by a lack of oxygen. Today's modern cancer cell biology has shown he was on the right track as mitochondrial health and shifting to a more oxygen-rich environment may protect healthy cells and further neuter cancer cells.

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